If insanity is "doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results," you are asked to do pretty much just that when told to be patient.

With the Wild trailing 1-0 in its series with the Blues after a 2-1 overtime heartbreaker, this much seems clear: This series is going to test everyone's patience.

It requires patience to defeat a team coached by Mike Yeo.

It will take patience to believe that the Wild, which outshot St. Louis 52-26 Wednesday, will bury more of those chances regardless of how well Jake Allen is playing.

It will take patience that will push you to the point of insanity, as the definitions of the two begin to mix together. After witnessing Game 1 at Xcel Energy Center, I think it will take seven games worth of patience.

It won't be good for your nerves, but that's what this series — and being a Minnesota sports fan — is all about.

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