Coping skills are getting a stress test this year. For me, it's a streaming-TV cocoon every evening and Frosted Mini-Wheats for lunch. No judging. That, and an empty Doppler screen.

I have a strange urge to ski Oklahoma, because that's where the accumulating snow is today. I'm tracking a persistent parade of big, sloppy storms across the South and the Eastern Seaboard, with little chance of winter weather watches or warnings close to home anytime soon. There's a high probability that December will wind up milder than average, and a white Christmas may come down to the wire this year.

At least the sun is out (another coping skill) and blue sky rules into much of next week. ECMWF predicts four or five days at or above 40F (nearly 10F above average) through next Wednesday. Any cellophane-thin layer of ice that forms each night will melt by day. We may not have skateable, fishable ice until late December or early January. At some point the other shoe (boot) will drop. It always does. Enjoy intermission.