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Winter Getaway

Not too long ago, I finally got down to see my Dad and fish with him on Lake Falcon.  A bit of a whirlwind trip and only two days of hard fishing.  The weather was about 15-20 degrees cooler then normal for Zapata, TX this time of year.  The cooler temperatures seemed to temper the fishes' attitude a little but we still caught some good fish.

My Dad spent some time practicing before I got there and had one really good area identified and it didn't take but about 10 minutes to get the first bite, it was only a 2 pounder on Brush Hog it felt good to swing back on a largemouth which feels good to a Minnesotan in December.  A few minutes later I got another fish on the Brush Hog, I then tried one of my new Kinky Beavers in Okeechobee Craw, quickly caught a bass and then got a pretty good fish on, turned out to be a good sized catfish.  Shortly after the cat, I got a nice 5 plus pound fish on the Kinky Beaver.  Just after I got my limit of fish by switching back to the big brush hog, my Dad loaded up on a good'un, soon I helped him scoop a 9lbr into the net that fell for a dark jig.

I worked hard throwing several baits, and I ended up catching around 15 bass and got a few 6lb class fish, but the 9lbr was the highlight of the day.  I caught some nice fish power shotting a Lake Fork Hyper Freak.  We caught quite a few 4-6 lb fish and our best 5 would have weighed over 34lbs.  The best area was a channel drop with hard wood on the top of a 4-6ft ledge dropping into 20-25ft.

We started in this area early on Sunday, but the water was 3 degrees cooler and there were 2 boats already there.  A few fish were being caught by the other boats and us included, but size seemed to be down, as I quickly caught a fish on a jig, but it was only about 2lbs.  After the other boats slid away from the sweet spot, my Dad bowed up on another dandy, it went 10-07 which fell for a Mag Fluke.  We fished hard the rest of the day and mixed in some other areas, ended up with 13 fish, good ones were tough to come by, but my dad got 7-10 just before dark of a rock pile in about 8ft of water on a Carolina Rigged Magnum Fluke.

Weather and short amount of time, limited the amount of video that I was able to shoot, but I will put together a few clips soon and probably embed it in here when it is done.  In the mean time, check out my photo album here.

For those of you that want to fish Falcon but are a little worried, after visiting I have no apprehension or worries about returning to do some more bass fishing.  You are more likely to get mugged at your local shopping mall then run into trouble down on Falcon Lake.  You aren't gonna find bass like these but staing in Minnesota!  My only complaint, is that the trip was far too brief!

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Inside the Jika Rig

Not too much before being knocked off my pedestal seat by the Alabama Rig this week, I started seeing rumblings on Twitter and forums about the Jika Rig.  It seems every couple years, there are new rigs, techniques, gear and technologies to keep up with in bass fishing.

As pictured above (Fork Craw, 3/0 EWG Hook, Voss 1/4oz Weight) - can be done w/ single or double split rings

The Jika Rig (also called The Jig Rig) is very interesting, it is actually very simple.  While Owner company is marketing this, it began is Japan, much like the drop shot and the Neko Rig.  You can buy this rig pre-rigged, but I really don't see the point.  You almost certainly have the stuff in your tackle box already to make them and if not, just about any local retailer would have what you need.  If they don't, order them online.

All you need is a good selection of offset wide gap worm hooks, some split rings and a weight with wire loop or attachment on top and put the three together.  I have also seen, where people have used short pieces of braid to make a loop and tie the weight to the split rig, making it almost like an ultra low profile drop shot.  I think you can use different shape weights to tailor your presentation and to the cover.  You can also use one or two split rings to adjust the action as well.

To me, the Jika Rig is a cross between a Texas Rig, Football jig and a drop shot, also kind of like the Biffle Hard Head.  I also think this rig will prove to be very versatile, can be flipped pitched, dragged like a football head and probably serves as a decent bed fishing rig among other things.

Here is a video of a JikaRig (JigRig) that I made and demonstrating underwater at a boat ramp.

I think its most attractive quality as it offers freedom to the plastic and offers it in a very horizontal and natural way.  I think Byron Velvick does a great job explaining the features and benefits of the rig in this video.

So leave a comment if you have used the Jika Rig or think you have a good application where you think it would excel!

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