The series of booklets offering comprehensive life histories of all North American bird species now can be found and used free of cost, courtesy of the Hennepin County library. All you need it a library card. And that's free, too.

The set is called The Birds of North America.

A year ago I was pleased to tell you that this set of over 700 booklets was available on-line from The Cornell Lab of Ornithology at a modest subscription cost.

Well, free is better. 

The online booklets today have been updated and improved. There is text, of course, but also photos and video with the promise of new material as available. Contents can be described as basically everything known about a particular species, biology and behavior. To access this material, or to get your card, go to At the top of the home page you are asked to name the library section to search -- catalog, website, events. Choose website, keyword Birds of North America. There it is.