Q: Can you please give us your views on how to make the most of small kitchen spaces?

A: My two basic suggestions for smaller bathrooms and smaller kitchens are about the same. Use lots of white colors, and install a good exhaust fan to ventilate the area. On top of my basic tips, here are three smaller kitchen remodeling tips to keep in mind.

1. Get as much light into the kitchen as possible. Long, rectangular windows up high and close to the ceiling can make use of lower wall space and get natural light into the area. Skylights can also make up for limited availability to install large windows.

2. Use shelving or shelving units in place of cabinets whenever possible. Since shelves are open spaces, visually it can look like you have a little more room in the kitchen. The downside is that now you can't just throw a mess of stuff into a cabinet and close the door.

3. Install a smaller size single-bowl kitchen sink. No rule says you have to install a large kitchen sink. Smaller single-bowl kitchen sinks work just fine and can save space. I recommend an apron-front or farmer's-type sink that can give your small kitchen a big visual impact.

Master Contractor/Plumber Ed Del Grande is the author of the book "Ed Del Grande's House Call," host of TV and Internet shows and a LEED green associate.