So you're telling me I can rake leaves in my shorts on Sunday? Yep. The Oct. 11 record high is 84, set in 1930. We'll come close.

At a recent Edina Rotary talk, someone asked if climate change might be a good thing for Minnesota. "Longer growing season, less severe winters, what's not to like?" Good point. You may be surprised to hear me admit that a slow-motion warming trend may, in fact, be a net positive for Minnesota into 2040 or 2050. Agriculture will face pressure from big swings in rainfall — more whiplash, going from drought to flood — but most models predict ample moisture here. And we'll have something in short supply across the western U.S. Water. Neighbors who fled to California or Arizona may think about moving back. But for most of the planet, more weather volatility and warming (rising) seas will be a net negative.

This weekend will feel more like late August. Soak it up, because October returns Monday.

The first metro frost is possible in one week, coming 10 days later than average.