The 6-7, Zach Knollenberg is the big man at little Spectrum charter school in Elk River. Also big are his scoring numbers. The senior wing scored 40 points in the season-opener and 32 three days later. He spoke with Star Tribune reporter David La Vaque about the program’s new attitude and filling up the stat sheet.


Q This is your fourth season of varsity basketball but is there something different about being a senior?

A This year, above any other year since I’ve been here, there’s a good winning attitude. As a senior, I try to set an example each game by doing my best and expecting to get something good out of every experience.


Q You led the team in scoring as a junior (22.1 points per game) but were you surprised to be in such a good groove to start this season?

A Scoring has always come natural to me. In the past I had to work a lot harder to score, but now I’m a bigger part of our offense.


Q You shoot well for a big guy. You hit nine three-pointers in those first two games.

A In seventh grade, I was the second-shortest kid on my traveling team. My freshman year I was only 6-1. So I learned to dribble and how to get my shot off. Both of those things have been really beneficial.


Q I’m told you can be found ringing a bell at a Salvation Army kettle this Christmas season.

A Service is ingrained in what it means to go to Spectrum. When someone comes up, drops money in the kettle and says ‘God bless you,’ there’s no feeling to match that.