It's almost time for the crack of the bat, ball pigs and all the other fun that is game day at CHS Field, home of the St. Paul Saints.

In preparation for the 2023 home opener on April 4, we went to the site of the ol' ball game to get a taste of the new offerings that will be served to fans of the minor league team. There were some clear winners. In addition to the classic burgers and dogs, there are hearty twists on old favorites and plenty of handheld options.

Here are our top three picks from what the Saints food team offered at their annual media preview:

3. Footlong brisket hash dog with gravy, bacon and cheese ($16.25)

Section #111, Chuck & Don's Dog Park

Order this with a couple of friends. There's no way one human stomach (aside from maybe Joey Chestnut) could power down the entire thing. It would take more than one lap to balance this monster. Tucked inside the foot-long dog bun is a classic hot dog — with an entire diner-style breakfast: diced potatoes, shredded cheese, tendrils of smoky brisket and gravy, for good measure. It's breakfast, lunch and weekend brunch all in one heroic bun.

2. Mac and Meat Bowl ($12.75)

Section #600, Muds Dairy Area/BBQ

Just as billed: this is where mac met meat. A bright orange bowl of cheesy pasta elbows are exactly what one might expect, with a balance of real melted cheese and processed cheese. On top is a tumble of low- and slow-cooked beef brisket with a dollop of sweet, peppery barbecue sauce. It's easy to hold and eat while also adding warmth to those chilly early season games.

1. Chicken and Biscuits Gravy Bowl ($11.50)

Section# 101 Burger Depot

It's a decadent breakfast-all-day any game day with this hefty, hearty offering. Fluffy biscuits with a perfect golden top are split and stuffed with everybody's kid favorite: chicken tenders. The small fried chicken bites are then topped with a black-pepper flecked cream gravy for an all-star twist on a Southern comfort food breakfast.

These dishes are just a start. There are plenty of other new foods at CHS Field to try, including Von Hanson's bacon-wrapped cherry bomb brat (section #111), churros with cinnamon sugar (section #114), Herbivorous Butcher's Italian sausages (#111) and more.