Add "kitty kouturist" to the endless hobbies keeping Carroll Britton busy.

The owner of Carroll Britton Cosmetics started dressing her cat Lilly, a Humane Society grad, to protect feline from the canines in her house and Edina neighborhood.

Is Britton too old to be dressing her cat like a 10-year-old? I think so, but she does not care what I think. "It's protective body armor, to keep the dogs from biting her. It's been a long winter and when you don't go on vacation you have to find ways to amuse yourself," she said. "She loves being dressed up." supports that assertion, as does neighbor Krista Doyle. Lilly reportedly treats the lawn outside the windows at Doyle's home like a catwalk.

"Wherever we are in the house she will walk [by the window] to make herself seen. She did have her light blue sweater on and she looked gorgeous," said Doyle.

The aformentioned blue sweater has not been seen, however, since last week when Lilly returned home without it.

Britton nearly scratched my eyes out when I suggested that maybe one of her Standard Poodles, the obnoxiously loud barky Remé or gentleman Merci, disrobed the cat. "Dogs don't have that much dexterity! Some human did this. Who took the damn outfit off my cat? I don't take clothes off their kids," said Britton.

"I put her in onesies [and other garments, one a handmade number that includes what I'd describe as ear hats] for protective reasons. Your little friend, baby Merci, likes to nip at her. And not just nip, he takes out big chunks her fur -- looks like he's got a Robert Goulet mustache -- and he looks at me like, Huh? I didn't bite her."

She's slandering my favorite pet in their house because I can't stand Remé. As you'll see on the video, Merci does exactly what he's told, even when the words are "Step away from the cat."

Lilly goes through several wardrobe changes on video and in the end can been seen surveying the land while wearing a baby T-shirt that reads: C.J. GETS THE POOP FROM ME!

It's all fun and games and something to take your mind off the economy until Britton creates a Facebook page for Lilly.

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