Best Buy, like many other companies that employ front-line workers, said it will give employees who get the COVID-19 vaccine paid time off.

The Richfield-based electronics retailer also on Wednesday announced another round of bonuses. Full-time hourly workers will receive $500, part-time workers $200.

"Our employees are on the front lines every day [and] have been essential in ensuring our customers continue to be able to work, learn, connect and cook at home," the company said in a statement. "They have shown resilience, flexibility and a commitment to our purpose of enriching lives through technology."

After staffing up for the holidays, Best Buy earlier this month laid off an unspecified number of store employees and cut the hours of others. The company said it needed flexibility in its workforce as the retail industry changes.

The company is not requiring workers to take the COVID-19 vaccine. Instead, it "strongly encourages" them and will give workers time off as well as sick time if there are side effects.

Full-time workers who bring proof of the vaccine to work will receive eight extra hours of paid time off. Part-time workers will receive four extra hours.

"The vaccine benefit is a thank you for employees who take the time to get vaccinated, not just because it helps keep them safe but because it does the same for everyone they work with," the company said.

Minneapolis-based Target is offering employees up to four hours of pay and transportation costs if they get the vaccine.

Several other retailers — including Dollar General, Trader Joe's and Aldi — also are giving employees paid time off to get it.

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