Above: Ribbon-cutting at Edina High School's Media Center, Oct. 22 (via Edina Public Schools)

Above: The ribbon-cutting at the Geek Squad Technology Hub at Edina High School on Oct. 22 (via Edina Public Schools)

If Edina middle and high school students need tech support for a finicky laptop or an uncooperative tablet, instead of getting a ride to a local Best Buy store, they can just head down their school hallways.

The district has rolled out a tech-support kiosk on wheels dubbed the Geek Squad Tech Hub at Edina High School, and there’s Geek Squad agent support two hours per week at each middle school and high school in the district — at no cost to students and staff.

A Geek Squad agent in the district isn’t new, but the look of the hub kiosk reinforces the partnership between the electronics company and the district.

The Best Buy and Edina Public Schools-supported eLearning2 initiative has been providing students in the district discounted devices since 2012. In April 2014, the district approved a device requirement for all students in grades 4 through 12, either using a district-provided Chromebook, a device of their own from a discounted Best Buy web store or a qualifying device from home.

Instead of mandating a specific device across the district, the program allows students to choose the device that works best for them, said district spokesperson Susan Brott.

“It allows the student to have a little bit more ownership of that device,” Brott said.