Here’s a tip for getting into hyper-popular Spoon and Stable sans reservation: nab a seat in the smallish lounge. Your reward? Chef/owner Gavin Kaysen’s equally smallish but satisfying bar menu, home to one of the city’s great bar snacks in the form of swoon-worthy arancini, skillfully fried, dual-bite spheres of fontina-loaded Arborio rice that are freckled with decadent traces of black truffle. Don’t miss the octopus, carefully poached and braised into an agreeable toothiness, then marinated in harissa for a nudge of spicy heat before it hits the grill. The grilled oysters are superb, and kudos to the platter of mustards, beautifully pickled vegetables and thin-sliced house-cured hams. 211 N. 1st St., Mpls.; 612-224-9850;