First there was New York City’s Shake Shack, then New Jersey’s Carlo’s Bakery. Now, another East Coast food enterprise is coming to Mall of America.

Wafels & Dinges, a food truck easily spotted in New York City for being yellow as a taxi, is opening its first store outside the Big Apple, on Level 3 West of Mall of America (60 E. Broadway, Bloomington,

Wafels refers to its Liège-style Belgian waffles, crisp with caramelized sugar. Dinges (Belgian for “whatchamacallits”) are the toppings: strawberries, fudge, “spekuloos” gingerbread cookies, and more.

“These are the real Belgian deal,” said co-founder Thomas DeGeest, who is Belgian, according to a news release.

Since launching more than a decade ago, the company expanded to 12 food trucks and kiosks in New York City.

Co-founder Rossanna Figuera said MOA was a “dream location.”

She added, “I have the fondest memories of visiting Mall of America as a kid during our family vacations. It was always the most anticipated day of the journey, so much fun, variety and great food.”

The kiosk will open “later this year.”