We are hard-wired to react to weather; it's in our DNA. Weather is a specific Vikings game. Climate is the Vikings win/loss record for the past 47 years. Weather is a snapshot, climate is the two-hour movie.

If the climate scientists are right, we should be experiencing more warmer-than-average days than colder-than-average days. We are. If they're right, the volume of arctic air every winter should be dropping over time. It is.

We're seeing fewer subzero nights and a longer growing season. The thumbprints of climate change are there, but it takes perspective and a willingness to drill down into the data.

A year ago today the high in the Twin Cities was 22F, the low was 8F — with 3 inches of snow on the ground. Today will be 30 degrees warmer; we may hit 60F on Sunday.

Before we all get too smug, a wintry slap is shaping up for the end of next week, bringing highs in the 30s by next weekend. It will be cold enough to snow leading up to Thanksgiving; the question is whether moisture will be available to spin up an actual storm. It's too early to say. Stay tuned.