Like the artwork on duck stamps? You can buy a beautiful poster showing illustrations of the Migratory Bird Hunting and Conservation Stamps, aka duck stamps. You buy them wholesale, with a $100 minimum purchase, so get some birding friends or club members together. (Just want one? See below.)

Feenixx Publishing sells the posters. Go to

Or, reach Feenixx by phone, 855-333-6499. They take credit cards.

The poster shows all the stamps, up to three years ago, and also explains the stamp's history and purpose.
Your minimum purchase comes to $102 for 14 laminated posters. With shipping it’s $110. (Non-laminated posters also are available.) This might even be a club money-maker.
Buy them singly from Friends of the Migratory Bird/Duck Stamp (check the web site; join the group). It has about a dozen of these posters, so act quickly. Send $15 to the Friends with a note saying you want a poster. The address is:
    Friends of the Migratory Bird/Duck Stamp
    P.O. Box 2143
    Columbia, MD 21045
The poster shows the history of a landmark in wildlife art, and it promotes a good cause, one of my favorites. Below is an illustration of the poster.

(Thanks for Friends of the Migratory Bird/Duck Stamp founder Paul Baicich for this information.)