Besides an electronic strike zone, pitch clock and a ban on infield shifts, here are five other changes Major League Baseball could have in place by 2028:

Bullpen mandates

Teams are using a record average of 4.25 pitchers per game this season, slowing games. One solution: Force relievers to face at least two hitters. Another idea: Limit managers to two or three mid-inning pitching changes per game.

Roster rules

It’s increasingly common for teams to carry 13 pitchers on their roster. Jack Morris said owners should cap the number at 11 or 12, forcing them to rely more on starters. But the players’ union likely would balk if it made certain relief roles obsolete.


Look for MLB to add two franchises (think Portland, Charlotte, Montreal, Nashville or Las Vegas), which would create eight four-team divisions or four eight-team divisions, and a more balanced schedule.

DH for both leagues

The union loves this idea. Owners are tired of seeing prized assets (starting pitchers) getting injured from swings or on the bases. But some NL owners remain hard-liners, and Commissioner Rob Manfred expects the “status quo” for now.

Extra-inning rule

Throughout the minors, the 10th inning begins with a runner on second base. While there isn’t much talk about implementing a similar rule for MLB, this is another one to watch.