You do realize we could be slipping and sliding on snow right now? Accumulating flakes are mercifully rare in late September, but theoretically possible. On Sept. 24, 1985, half an inch of snow delighted Twin Cities commuters. I was standing in KARE-11's Backyard; I remember the collective gasp. "How is this possible?" Well, the sun is as high in the sky as it was in mid-March; longer nights are brewing colder air masses over Canada, which can dribble south.

A strong El Niño should, in theory, trigger more storms for California and a more zonal, west-to-east steering wind, pumping milder Pacific air into Minnesota. Odds favor fewer jaw-dropping arctic outbreaks than usual. But we will see cold fronts. That I can predict with rare 100 percent accuracy.

A shot of cooler air arrives next week but no prolonged chill is shaping up — yet. The sun peeks out today. Upper 70s are likely Saturday, maybe low 80s on Sunday before an outbreak of sweatshirts by Tuesday; 70s return later next week.

We have precious little to complain about in the weather department, for a change!