Two national Republican presidential polls released Wednesday show that Rep. Michele Bachmann has failed to generate momentum following her Ames Straw Poll victory as Texas Gov. Rick Perry surges into the lead.

Polls from both Gallup and Public Policy Polling have Perry in the top spot over former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, with Perry leading 29 to 17 percent in the Gallup poll and 33 to 20 percent in the Public Policy Polling survey.

Bachmann finishes third in the PPP poll at 16 percent, and she dropped to fourth at 10 percent in the Gallup poll behind Rep. Ron Paul, who was a close second in the Iowa straw poll.

Bachmann’s support dropped in both polls since Perry entered the 2012 race earlier this month. His surge has harmed Bachmann in large part because Perry is swooping up the conservative vote.  He leads Bachmann in a two-way race 56 to 26, according to the PPP poll.

Early national polls like these tend not to be reliable indicators of who is going to win the presidential nomination. But they show a clear re-aligning of the race since the Texas governor entered, with Perry’s bump making much larger aftershocks than when Bachmann joined the fray in June.

See detailed results from the Gallup poll here and the PPP poll here.