The NFL doesn't need a franchise in London. That would be silly and tantamount to having one English Premier League soccer team in one U.S. City.

But those evil geniuses in the league are onto something with the concept of these London games, with the Jets/Dolphins game kicking off at 8:30 a.m. Central and providing a wall of football that lasted roughly 14 hours Sunday.

If the league could convince each team to play there once a year to cover the 16-game schedule, it would be one more TV package to sell. The NFL is not hurting for cash, but it always seems to want more still.

MUST-MAKE Going into Sunday, NFL kickers had made 34 of 36 field goal attempts between 30-39 yards. Blair Walsh missed from 38 Sunday.

RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE The MLB average ERA for starting pitchers this season was 4.12. Twins starters, vastly improved, were at 4.07.