– Helping to dispatch man-eating sharks is Michele Bachmann's latest gig.

The former Sixth District representative from Minnesota is pulling out her acting chops with a part in "Sharknado 3," the third film in the goofy and exaggerated weather horror disaster franchise that is filming in Washington, D.C.

Bachmann participated in filming in front of the White House Wednesday morning, said Anthony C. Ferrante, the film's director. Bachmann's scene is with Washington Redskins player Tom Compton, who plays a reporter interviewing her.

"It was a blast having her out here," Ferrante said.

Bachmann plays herself (when she was in Congress), according to tweets from Igor Bobic, the Huffington Post's associate politics editor. He tweeted one of Bachmann's lines: "I believe they are growing in size; Congress has to take this seriously."

She said the cameo was just for fun, Bobic tweeted.

The film premieres in July on the Syfy channel. In it, the inland man-eating sharks and accompanying disasters hit Washington and Orlando, Fla.

Ferrante declined to reveal anything more about Bachmann's part to prevent film spoilers, but he said the crew "tossed her some ad-lib lines," which she successfully ran with.

The films have typically included several cameos, Ferrante said. Among those appearing in "Sharknado 3" will be David Hasselhoff, Ann Coulter and Mark Cuban.

"We give them some super-serious lines in the context of our Sharknado universe," Ferrante said.

As for shooting scenes in Washington, Ferrante said the film is 100 percent bipartisan in nature. "There are no party lines. The only party line is having fun," he said.