Tuesday's episode of "The Bachelorette" contained a scene straight out of the beloved 2000 film "Love and Basketball."

But this one starred two Minnesotans.

During a group date on the ABC-TV reality series, former prep and Division 1 basketball star Michelle Young played some one-on-one with Joe Coleman, himself a prep basketball stand-out who went on to compete at the University of Minnesota.

Coleman, 28, earned the title of Minnesota's Mr. Basketball in 2011 — "basically saying that you are the No. 1 player in the state," as Young noted.

"I was 2011 Minnesota Miss Basketball," she added, pausing and then laughing, "but I was the runner-up."

As the other men watched, Young and Coleman dribbled and shot, smiled and gently ribbed one another.

"I think that's why there's a certain comfort with Joe," Young said. "Just because basketball was a huge part of my life ... life was basketball.

"Not only does he get that basketball life, he gets the Minnesota basketball life. It's like this part of you that there's just understanding that's there, right off the bat."

In a 2012 video, Coleman talked about growing up competing against his older brother, Dan Coleman, who also played for the Minnesota Gophers. The two now work together as real estate developers and property managers.

Whether Young and Coleman knew each other before the show became a point of controversy this episode.

Young recognized Coleman at the season's start. The pair had messaged about basketball, Young explained to the camera, before Coleman ghosted her. When Young pressed him, Coleman apologized: "It's something I wish I could have handled better," he said.

During the team competition on this week's date, Young massaged Coleman's shoulders, saying "C'mon, Mr. Basketball." His team lost, but he nabbed the MVP award, earning more time with her.

Later, Coleman told Young about the news he'd received that his high school coach passed away. "He was family," he said. "It's hard to digest. I'm trying to be composed right now ..."

"You don't ever have to be composed," Young said. "Us athletes, right? Game face all the time. You don't have to have a game face on all the time."

"That means a lot," he said.

"I do feel like we have this level of understanding," Young told him. "I don't know if it's basketball. I don't know if it's Minnesota. I don't know if it's both."

"I feel it too," Coleman said.

The pair kissed, and Young told the camera: "I've never had chemistry with anybody this off the charts so quickly ... I can see him being my teammate."

Then Young ditched her heels and the pair shot hoops together, again.