If you’re pledging allegiance only to #BachelorNation, you’re missing out on other opportunities to fall in love.

While the ABC franchise is currently repeating its greatest hits, other relationship series are readily available, with singles who are more interested in finding that special someone than raiding the set’s liquor cabinet or kissing up to the camera.

Here are six relatively new series that just might capture your heart.

‘Love on the Spectrum’

This Australia-based series features young autistic people, many of whom have never been on a date before.

Their super-sweet encounters during lawn bowling and comic conventions never end in smooch sessions. It’s enough just to get through dinner without having a panic attack. The bar is low — but the spirits are high. Netflix

‘Happily Ever Avatar’

Gamers who won’t even turn away from their computer for a bathroom break will press pause for the right partner — as long as they’re equally obsessed with video games.

Eleven-minute episodes bounce back and forth among three couples at different stages in their relationships, including a couple who fell in love while teaming up on League of Legends. HBO Max

‘Dating Around: Brazil’

This upgrade on “Love Connection” previously tagged along on blind dates in New Orleans and Chicago. This latest batch of episodes take place in Sao Paulo, where the amount of flirting, drinking and spicy conversation is higher than it ever was in the United States.

If you can deal with the subtitles and the arguments about favorite soccer teams, you’ll be hooked. Netflix

‘Lost Resort’

It’s not technically a dating show — nine participants have gathered in the Costa Rican jungle to experiment with new healing methods — but it doesn’t take long before the “patients” start flirting with one another.

Getting to know each other over erotic-dance lessons and screaming sessions may not be the best way to bond. Then again, it beats dinner at Applebee’s. 9 p.m. Thursdays, TBS

‘Indian Matchmaking’

Matchmaker Sima Taparia racks up the frequent-flier miles between America and Mumbai in hopes of finding true love for young people who are willing to give arranged marriages a shot.

Her expertise doesn’t always work, especially since more than one of her clients aren’t really ready for a relationship. But at the very least, the series strips away a lot of misconceptions about the tradition, especially when it checks in with long-committed couples who barely knew each other when they exchanged vows. Netflix

‘Love Is Blind’

The contestants grouse that physical looks are overrated, which is easy for them to say; they’re all gorgeous. But the series isn’t nearly as superficial as others in the genre, thanks to a format in which the singles woo each other without any face-to-face encounters.

Those who tune in for “The Bachelor” solely for the drooling and drunken drama will feel stiffed. Everyone else will be smitten. Netflix