Filmmaker Ava DuVernay will be honored next month by MacDowell, which is presenting its inaugural Marian MacDowell Arts Advocacy Award to her media company and arts collective ARRAY.

The award is named for the co-founder of MacDowell, the century-old artist residency in Peterborough, N.H., where James Baldwin, Leonard Bernstein and many others have been visiting fellows. DuVernay, known for such acclaimed movies as "Selma" and "13th," founded ARRAY in 2012 as a way of amplifying the work of women and people of color.

"I am touched that our narrative change collective ARRAY, which is built upon a mission to articulate and amplify stories from the widest range of art makers, is being honored in Ms. MacDowell's name," DuVernay said. "I look forward to cultivating a partnership between ARRAY and MacDowell to enable more artists of color, specifically women, to be a part of the residency program in coming years."

MacDowell will host a virtual ceremony on Oct. 19.

Billie Lourd welcomes son

Actress Billie Lourd and her fiancé, Austen Rydell, have announced the birth of their son. Lourd is the daughter of actress Carrie Fisher, who died in 2016. The "American Horror Story" star, whose pregnancy was not made public, shared a photo of their son's feet on social media. The caption read "Introducing Kingston Fisher Lourd Rydell" with blue heart and crown emojis.

shark tooth: Malta says it will seek to retrieve a shark tooth that was presented to Britain's Prince George by Sir David Attenborough, who found the fossil during a holiday on the Mediterranean island in the 1960s. Malta Culture Minister Jose Herrera said he will "get the ball rolling" to bring back the tooth to be exhibited in a Maltese museum. The fossil, believed to be around 3 million years old, belonged to an extinct species of a giant shark that could grow to about 50 feet, three times the size of modern great white sharks. Attenborough, 94, presented the fossil to the prince during a private viewing of his new documentary at Kensington Palace. Malta is a former British colony that obtained independence in 1964.

No Thanks: Nobel Prize-winning writer Olga Tokarczuk declined an honorary citizenship from the region of Poland where she lives because she would have had to share the honor with a Roman Catholic bishop who has made hostile comments about the LGBT community. Tokarczuk said in a tweet that while she appreciated being considered, she "sadly" couldn't accept Lower Silesia's honorary citizenship. She said that receiving it at the same time as Bishop Ignacy Dec would highlight the "painful rift" in Poland over LGBT rights. Dec has repeatedly described the LGBT rights movement as a threat to the Catholic Church and to Poland.

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