May 21
3D illustration

Have auto crash tests become useless?

New tech has made old standards obsolete, critics warn.
May 21

Motormouth: AM radio is becoming a blast from the past

Q: I was beginning my quadrennial car search. I've had 11 Volvos since 1974 (I might be in a rut), and I'm looking to replace…
May 14
Wrapping is an alternative to painting a car.

Motormouth: Car wrap gives a vehicle a new color

Q: I recently bought a 2021 Mazda SUV. It's white, and while that was the color I wanted at the time, now I am not…
April 30

Motormouth: Don't postpone the switch to summer gas

Q: I understand that the composition of gasoline is adjusted seasonally ("summer blend" and "winter blend") due to EPA requirements. Given that many people are…
April 23

Motormouth: Don't worry about a shortage of ways to charge EVs

Q: With all the manufacturers talking about going to electric vehicles, how will my neighbors who have a garage full of stuff and the people…
April 16

Motormouth: When in doubt, do it by the book

Q: You have said to follow the guidelines in the vehicle's owner's manual regardless of dealer service recommendations. What if an independent service technician tells…
April 9

Motormouth: Cleaning the connections revives wiring

Q: I bought a 2012 Ford Escape. About three years later, it would not start. I went to the auto parts store and bought a…