A Bloomington woman was arrested Tuesday on animal cruelty charges after officers rescued 36 dogs in poor condition from a commercial property.

Just before noon on Tuesday, Bloomington Animal Control responded to a building on the 100 block of W. 88th Street "after a report of a large number of dogs being sheltered there," police said in a news release.

When the animal control officer arrived, he "observed state law and local ordinance violations," the news release said. Police did not say what the violations were.

Police obtained a search warrant for the property and recovered the 36 dogs from two adjoining suites. The owner later arrived while police were at the scene and was arrested.

The dogs are in the custody of the Animal Humane Society and are expected to survive.

Keith Streff, an investigator with the society, told Fox 9 that several dogs were housed in "individual small kennel crates."

"Deplorable sanitary conditions, no water, no existing food," Streff said.

Karen Zamora