A Minnesota teen has become an instant YouTube sensation for belting out an original song about the healing power of faith.

The video for “His Daughter,” by Molly Kate Kestner, has topped 2.1 million views.

Among those who have noticed: the Huffington Post and social media darling George Takei, who shared the video on his Facebook page.

“I call it my crying song,” Kestner said, explaining that multiple people have told her the video made them cry. “I think everyone’s been at a place in their life where they are lost. They don’t understand why things are happening ... and they’re looking for some guidance and reassurance.”

Kestner, 18, shot the video in her Austin living room on Easter Sunday. She then posted it on Facebook to share with friends and family. The next day she put it on YouTube. Soon, she was bombarded with friend requests and her inbox was overflowing with messages. When Takei, the former “Star Trek” star, shared the clip earlier this week, “His Daughter’s” popularity took off at warp speed. “I definitely wasn’t expecting it,” said Kestner, an Austin High School senior who plans to attend North Central University in Minneapolis.

Mary Jane Kestner said her daughter plans to record the song and release it on iTunes. Kestner said Molly hopes to one day be a motivational speaker. “She’s definitely more than just a pretty voice. The song is really showing something about her character,” Mary Jane Kestner said. “She has a real interest in helping young girls discover their value.”