The three executive orders regarding detainees that President Obama signed Thursday:


The order requires closure of the Guantanamo Bay detention facility within a year. It sets up a review to determine whether it is possible to transfer detainees to third countries. If transfer is not approved, a second review will determine whether prosecution is possible and in what forum. The order directs the secretary of defense to halt military commission proceedings pending the results of the review.


A special task force, cochaired by the attorney general and the secretary of defense, will consider policy options for apprehension, detention, trial, transfer or release of detainees. It must submit its report to the president within 180 days.


The order requires that all interrogations of detainees in armed conflict, by any government agency, follow the Army Field Manual interrogation guidelines. It requires the CIA to close all existing detention facilities and prohibits it from operating new ones. It creates a task force to (1) review the Army Field Manual guidelines to determine whether different or additional guidance is necessary for the CIA and (2) to look at rendition and other policies for transferring individuals to third countries to ensure that individuals do not face torture and cruel treatment.