Creative CityMaking: Intermedia Arts in south Minneapolis has partnered with the city, pairing artists with city planners to address five areas, including how to rethink land use and transportation on a stretch of Penn Avenue N. and the interface between neighborhoods and five stops on the coming Southwest light-rail line.

Irrigate: A program funded in part by Springboard for the Arts, last summer it connected artists with small businesses that lost customers because of light-rail construction in St. Paul. This year it will train “artist organizers” to work with residents and businesses along the Central Corridor line.

Arts on Chicago: A group of 20 projects is designed to strengthen a feeling of community between 32nd and 42nd streets on Chicago Avenue S., including mobile poetry and sign-painting carts, a stilting club and EyeSite, for which painters create glow-in-the-dark eyes on driveways and walls, activated by motion sensors. Kristin Tillotson