July 1-12: Fireworks sizzle and flare out fast. So does this jaunty tribute to patriotic colors in art. Groveland Gallery occupies three rooms of a red sandstone mansion overlooking Walker Art Center. In honor of July 4th, each room will feature art that's predominantly one color: red in one, white in another, blue in the third. Surprisingly, the 16 artists -- including gallery regulars and invited newcomers -- were able to satisfy the unusual theme without dramatically altering their usual subjects, which include landscapes, urban scenes and abstractions in paintings, prints and watercolors. Twin Cities watercolorist Dani Roach, for example, produced "Dance of the Red Chairs," shown here. Other participants are: Anne DeCoster, Carolyn Brunelle, Charles Lyon, Kit Wilson, Wendell Arneson, Thomas Paquette, Carol Lee Chase, Jean Gumpper, Greg Kelsey, Eric Austen Erickson, Paula Schuette Kraemer, Mark Horton, Stella Ebner, Robert Dorlac and Justin Terlecki. Part of the gallery's "Summer Shorts" series, the show will be open just seven days, so hop to!

  • Noon-5 p.m. Fri.-Sat. & Tue.-Thu. Ends July 12. Free. Open 25 Groveland Terrace, Mpls. 612-377-7800 or www.grovelandgallery.com