In “S’elfi,” painter Mary Gibney and photographer Laura Stopyro play with the modern notion of the selfie through a series of portraits that hark back to the analog age. Gibney’s evocative, brushstroke-laden style showcases provocateurs and disenfranchised anomalies, from carnival sideshow curiosities and peep-show dancers to celebrity mugshots. Her new work in “S’elfi” is inspired by photographs of 1970s- and ’80s-era patrons of New York’s infamous Terminal Bar — reputedly one of the roughest bars in the city — in a vibrant palette. Stopyro is displaying her collection of punk-rock photos dating to the ’80s, which includes haunting portraits of smirking punk girls and a 1986 live shot of Black Flag-era Henry Rollins. (Free opening reception Sat. Ends April 30. Caffetto Coffee House, 708 W. 22nd St., Mpls. 612-872-0911.) Jahna Peloquin