New Chief Medaria Arradondo announced more senior personnel changes at the Minneapolis Police Department on Wednesday, including naming a new head of internal affairs and promoting a veteran lieutenant to oversee the training division.

In the latest round of command-level musical chairs, Cmdr. Melissa Chiodo, most recently of the Special Crimes Investigations Division, will take over internal affairs from Jason Case. Before being a commander in 2013, Chiodo was a lieutenant in charge of sex crimes. That was preceded by years as a patrol officer and a five-year stint in internal affairs.

Case, a commander and 20-year veteran, will run the division charged with investigating violent crimes such as homicide, robberies and assaults. Case has worked in the Second, Third and Fourth precincts.

Cmdr. Troy Schoenberger, a 19-year veteran who has worked in all five precincts, will run the Special Crimes Investigations Division after heading the Leadership and Organizational Development Division. Todd Sauvageau, just promoted from lieutenant to commander, will take Schoenberger’s old job. The 21-year veteran has worked in patrol and investigations in the First, Second and Third precincts.

Arradondo said in an e-mailed statement Wednesday that the moves were intended to “help the MPD move forward together with the communities we serve.”

“Again, our goal is to provide the best possible service to the residents of Minneapolis while remaining a national leader in progressive initiatives,” he said.

Wednesday’s news comes two days after Arradondo announced promotions to his command staff.