The Great Minnesota Get-Together is a place of sensory overload: wafts of fried food-on-a-stick, hundreds of barn animals to pat and a sea of hungry people to navigate.

It’s only natural that fairgoers can’t express excitement the entire time they’re inside the gates. Though one millennial couple (or apparent couple) has garnered some fame for their utter boredom.

A photo of the young adults on the Sky Glider, with the woman deep in her phone and the man dazing off while holding his face in his hand, went viral Tuesday on Reddit. A Photoshop battle ensued on the  forum, poking fun at what could have been a romantic ride over the fairgrounds.

We’re more interested in the story behind this moment.

Maybe the love birds just had a fight. Maybe she had an urgent message from her mother. Or maybe he has a tummy ache from too many Pronto Pups. We’ll never know unless you tell us.