Cats. Cats cats, cat; cat cat cat "cat." There. That should get the search engines's attention. So, cats + Christmas:

DOGS When The Internet Kidnaps Your Dog says the headline. At the risk of spoiling what it's about, the internet did not kidnap anyone's dog. But read it anyway. The other side of the dog-possession issue seems to be unduly mulish.

TECH Atlantic mag piece on the problems with email. Pick the word or phrase you'd use for a headline, keeping in mind that we are all under an obligation to exaggerate and water down potent words:

"Sometime in the past 20 years, people soured on email. Culturally, it went from delightful to burdensome, a shift that’s reflected in the very language of the inbox. In the 1990s, AOL would gleefully announce, 'You’ve got mail!' Today, Gmail celebrates the opposite: 'No new mail!'

So what happened to email? What happened to us?

These are some of the questions that come up in the new technology podcast Codebreaker, the first season of which is fixated on the question, 'Is it evil?'"

ISIS is evil. Stalin was evil. Email is annoying. There's a reason Slack is so popular: it replaces email with something that doesn't have to be dismissed or trashed or rescued from junk. It doesn't pile up. Email isn't going away anytime soon - as I wrote those six words I got two - but eventually it will be regarded as declasse. The first email, BTW, was a Daily Deal from a company. I bought something online the other day. To them this means "he wants to learn about products unrelated to what he bought, and he wants to learn about them every damned day." So off to the unsubscribe page, where there's an option to get them once a week. You're almost tempted to go for once-a-week, like you're reconciling with someone, but then your spine stiffens. No. You had your chance, and you bothered me every day. Sorry. The other email was from Target Cartwheel. Subject line: "up to 40% off string lights." Hmm. That could be useful. Go to the page; the deal says "30% off."

They should open up a department that helps with fishing supplies and electrical outlets, because they're pretty good at Baiting and Switching. (ba-dum tish)

WEB I remember when .png was supposed to replace .jpg. Didn't happen. Now say hello to .bng:

BPG stands for Better Portable Graphics, and it’s a new image format, the aim of which is to replace JPG. To do this, BPG delivers the best of both worlds: superior quality, and smaller file size.

But wait a second, there’s more: BPG also supports animation. And not just any kind of animation; actual GIF-style animations that boast MP4 quality while being smaller in size than the MP4 from which they were created.

That last point should make web designers salivate; no more big fat GIFs. But there are, of course, problems. More here