Peru's oldest clown celebrated his birthday with his family, while in Brazil the country's famed Carnival got underway with block parties in which everyone ranging from the elderly to the young and carefree could participate. Some revelers rolled in the mud while others played the drums or just enjoyed the party.

In Brasilia, children mugged for the camera while their elders camped around a bonfire as homeless families took over idle land to pressure the government to redress their plight.

In the final of the Copa Sudamericana soccer tournament Teofilo Gutierrez of River Plate lifts the cup after defeating Atletico Nacional.

In Argentina, fans of Peruvian club Alianza Lima fought among themselves as they were knocked out of the Copa Libertadores on Wednesday.

In Mexico, a couple kissed during a mass wedding on Valentine's Day and the Popocapetl Volcano once more filled the skies with a huge exhalation of ash, gas and vapor.

In Cuba, the communist nation is carving out a new luxury niche that is attracting Latin America's wealthy to the island: elite jumping horses worth tens of thousands of dollars.