Aaron Hicks got the Twins starting job out of camp in 2013, and he started 78 games in center field but proved overmatched at the plate. Castoff Clete Thomas received another 48 starts in center, while Alex Pressly got 27.

Last year, it was another hodgepodge: Danny Santana, a converted shortstop, led the way with 62 starts in center; Hicks had 53 and Sam Fuld had 37.

It feels as if we are headed for one more year of this in 2015, with Hicks, Jordan Schafer and maybe even Eddie Rosario set to remind everyone that Byron Buxton can't get here soon enough.

coward? Maurkice Pouncey, who played with new Vikings WR Mike Wallace in Pittsburgh, called him a "coward" in a recent TV interview.

good at being tall Only one NBA team is taller, on average, than Kentucky's men's basketball team, according to nytimes.com. It's the Timberwolves.