Will warmer weather help to kill off COVID-19, at least in the short term? Great question. A recent paper uploaded to the research site SSRN finds that 90% of the corona­virus transmission has occurred within a temperature range of 37 to 63 degrees.

According to MIT scientists, the virus is spreading more slowly in tropical climates. We're still groping in the dark, considering this virus emerged into the human population in December. We still don't know what we don't know.

After a raw, windblown Sunday, spring returns today and Tuesday, with highs well up into the 50s. More rain showers are likely Wednesday into Friday as a slow-moving cold front approaches.

Significant warmth keeps getting pushed back, but models bring 60s, even a shot at 70s into Minnesota next week. With increasing warmth and water vapor overhead will come a rising risk of thunderstorms and flooding, similar to what we experienced on Saturday, when 1 to 2 inches of rain fell. Throw in a few warm fronts and we'll be greening up soon.