Deputies with the Anoka County Sheriff’s Office tranquilized a black bear seen roaming around the Coon Rapids area on Friday evening without incident after tracking the large animal for more than two hours.

Dispatchers were flooded with calls when neighbors near Coon Rapids High School noticed the bear run up a tree. No injuries were reported.

Andy Zyvoloski, who moved to his home on the 11500 block of Xavis Street last month, was inside with friends when they heard police sirens. They ran to the window, he said, and watched as officers attempted to scare the bear out of his tree.

Zyvoloski posted a short video on Twitter of the bear hopping down and running toward his garage. Off camera, it later climbed a neighbor’s tree and officers beat pots and pans in an attempt to get it back down, he said.

Someone showed up with a tranquilizer gun early in the chase, but the bear got away before it was captured.

Neighbors have seen deer and an occasional coyote in the area, which is only a few miles from the Mississippi River, but never a bear, Zyvoloski said.

Officers caught up with the bear around 10 p.m. and were able to get him out the neighborhood safely.

Liz Sawyer