There's no denying Tuesday afternoon was a weather mess, one notch below a blizzard in the metro. Snow was falling so hard plows couldn't keep up; a treadmill of creeping traffic steamrolling snow into glaze ice.

Some questioned the wisdom of closing schools in advance and sending workers home early. No matter what you do you're going to hear criticism, but putting student and employee safety first makes sense to me. Half a foot of snow was considered "flurries" in the 1970s. Since then traffic volume has nearly tripled. Research highlighted in today's weather blog shows a 19 percent spike in traffic accidents during wintry weather, especially the p.m. commute. And up until yesterday our biggest one-day snow was 3.8 inches. We can be excused for being a little paranoid.

Expect to see the sun later today as Minnesota digs out; highs in the 20s until we top freezing this weekend. A snowy coating is possible for Super Bowl Sunday, followed by a couple of cold smacks the second week of February. An extended Pacific thaw may be two weeks away. Play in the powder now!