I don’t know what people expect out of Mad Men these days. The days of 60s style are long past. Seventies dreck has been trickling in for a while; a flood of rust and brown is just around the corner. The tiresome storylines about Don’s marriage are done, reminding you how much you didn’t care, The kids? Who knows. They’ll be around. The point of it all? There won’t be a point. It’s just going to end. It’s not about finding Meaning in the long parade. So relax and enjoy the details, like that NYC Diner.

The show had a David Lynch feel here and there - complete with Leland Palmer, too. Which brings up this lousy news:

According to reports out of Comic-Con spinoff WonderCon collected by Business Insider, Showtime's revival of the cult classic was DBA — dead before arrival. Though the premium cable channel announced Twin Peaks would be returning with certainty, the project was dogged for months by rumors and reports that not all was well behind the scenes. Those reports and rumors turned out to be true.


I’m already missing Matt Zoller Seitz’ reviews of the new Twin Peaks. In the meantime, here’s his take on the Mad Men return.

GAMES The inside story of the fall of Lucas Arts. Guess who loved to step in and add his special brand of genius?

George Lucas would periodically check in on the status of the games his company was making, lending creative input and advice. The developer I talked to sighs, and agitatedly says, “In one viewing of Fracture, [Lucas] said it looked really good, but he didn’t like [Mason Briggs’] name. We’re like, ‘What do you mean, George?’ He responded to the effect of, ‘It doesn’t really fit. When he jumps on stuff, he moves pretty fast. I like B.J. Dart.’

They had to say yes. Later, there was a question about whether a character would be given the Darth titlle.

Lucas agreed that this situation made sense for Sith royalty, and offered up two Darth titles for the team to choose from. “He threw out ‘Darth Icky’ and ‘Darth Insanius.’ There was a pregnant pause in the room after that. People waiting for George to say ‘just kidding,’ but it never comes, and he just moved on to another point.”

Yes. Ten million Star Wars games except the ones that looked good - a COD version, the 1313 game. And no sequel to this:

To be honest, I never finished that game. Got stuck on a puzzle, and after a while you just give up because the internet doesn’t have the answer.

That’s right. There wasn’t an answer on the internet. At least not one I could find. I’m sure a walkthrough showed up eventually, but now that I think about it, the reason I didn’t continue was the nature of the puzzles. I seem to remember trying to open a big clock face with nothing but string and balloon animals. You know what I dislike the most about puzzle games? Puzzles.