While business opportunities keep slipping away for Tiger Woods, they appear to be gaining steam for at least one of his alleged mistresses. Jamie Jungers has landed a job as a holiday spokesperson for an online auction site. Whee! (She's pictured there courtesy of 5W pr, presumably either using BidHere.com, the new site she represents, or googling pictures and stories about other potential mistresses).

From the press release (our bold):

“For most of us, shopping online this holiday season is a luxury. For Ms. Jungers, however, it is a necessity as her ability to visit stores in search of the perfect gifts has been severely disrupted by the recent media frenzy surrounding her love life,” notes Rick Day, CEO of BidHere.com. “We were delighted to hear that Ms. Jungers was a fan of our site and are pleased to welcome her as its newest spokesperson.”

Indeed. Who better to represent the spirit of giving?

“The last couple of weeks have been really crazy. I can't go anywhere without the paparazzi following me. Since I can't go out in public, I decided to do some shopping online and discovered BidHere.com. It is the coolest thing that has happened to me in last couple of weeks and I can't stress enough how much fun this has been,” added Ms. Jungers.

Shopping online is the coolest thing that's happened to her in the last couple fo weeks? Riiiight. In any event, we're just glad that, through all this trauma, she was able to land on her feet.

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