Kanye West and Allan Kingdom at the Brit Awards in February.

Kanye West and Allan Kingdom at the Brit Awards in February.

You wouldn’t know it unless you knew him by the (very distinctive) sound of his voice -- thanks to the overpowering pyro on stage -- but Twin Cities rapper Allan Kingdom made another big TV appearance with Kanye West last night on the Billboard Music Awards. And as of this morning, the appearance is even bigger news.

The video clip of the ABC performance (posted below) is going extra viral, thanks to the booing heard before the performance. The boos start with Ye’s sister-in-laws Kendall and Kylie Jenner walked out to introduce their sister Kim’s hubby. Some sources have reported that more jeers followed the performance, but it can’t really be heard in this clip.

Mostly, the reaction to the twofer song selection seems favorable. He performed “All Day” -- the new single, which features Kingdom doing the “at the moment I disperse” verse -- followed by 2013’s heavy pounder “Black Skinhead.” Or at least we trust that’s Kanye up there and not a stand-in in the clip behind all that blinding pyro.

We do know that Kingdom made the trip to the awards show in Kanye’s jet. Their mutual friend, Virgil Abloh, sent out this photo via Instagram that showed Allan (right rear) outside the plane with his famous/infamous mentor.



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