For all the grief Minnesotans get about our winters, we have precious little to complain about in the weather department. I've unplugged my Doppler — I'm swaying in my weather hammock, waiting for an actual "storm" to show up on the maps.

Meanwhile, a story at USA TODAY provided perspective on the volume of rain that swamped the Carolinas: 11 trillion gallons of water, enough to fill 636 million swimming pools, or 130,370 Rose Bowl football stadiums to the top. Roughly the same amount of water required to end the epic drought in California. All or nothing. Weather whiplash on steroids. Where have you heard that before?

Here, rain slows the morning commute but skies begin to clear later today. The stage is set for another glorious weekend: 70s Saturday; a shot at 80 on Sunday. It's like we are enjoying two Septembers in a row. Every day of lukewarm breezes is a gift from on high — take nothing for granted.

We will have to be content with 60s next week; GFS guidance is still hinting at a metro frost risk late next week.