Q: What's a typical workday like for you?

A: I connect primary care providers and specialty providers within the Fairview system so patients can experience the best continuity of care. I also make sure that it's as easy as possible to refer to specialty providers. I do a lot of process improvement, trying to make sure that this is as seamless as possible.

Q: How does your role fit into the bigger health care picture?

A: It's important that primary care and specialty care providers develop a solid relationship in order to take the best care of patients. Primary care physicians don't come to the hospitals as much as they used to; they don't have direct access to the specialists that they are referring to. We have hospitalists to do that. They really have a vested interest in where they send those patients.

Q: Who do you interact with during the course of the day?

A: Providers, clinic administrators, hospital and health care administrators, clinic staff, my colleagues in the field, the marketing department, and Fairview Physician Associates, which is an association of physician groups.

Q: Why did you become a physician liaison?

A: I had to learn all of the products for Fairview in my marketing role and became interested in being out in the field selling those products versus writing about them. This role allows me a lot of freedom in my schedule. I get to travel across the metro and interact with the clinic staff and clinic physicians on a weekly basis.

Q: What do you like about your work?

A: My day is never the same. I meet with physicians on their time and usually at their location so it provides me a lot of access to new people and I enjoy talking to new people, and getting to know our providers.