All in a Day's Work: Dee-Ana Farness, a licensed social worker at Pinnacle Services in Minneapolis, talks about her job

Q: What's a typical workday like for you?
I work with developmentally disabled adults, half of whom live in group homes and half with their parents. They receive medical assistance, and I maintain paperwork for them and manage their budgets, which pay for their group homes, specialized services, personal support services, specialized equipment and supplies. It's all about providing support of their services and their health and safety and maintaining their community inclusion.

Q: How does your role fit into the bigger health care picture?
Medical assistance makes my clients eligible for federal, county and state money that supports my clients' needs. I ensure that continues with a renewal every six months to a year. Budget cuts may reduce my clients' payments, and I make sure the providers maintain the current level of services at a lower cost.

Q: Who do you interact with during the course of the day?
I interact with my clients' providers, guardians, family members, my co-workers and occasionally with clients.

Q: Why did you become a social worker?
I started in psychology in college and I learned about social work. It addressed the way I really wanted to help others. With social work you can do that because it's so broad. That's where I felt the most comfortable and was able to contribute to something.

Q: What do you like about your work?
It goes back to helping others. This is what I do; I help them remain in their community and live their dreams and get to do what everybody else wants to do.