Q: This is a question regarding the female orgasm and squirting. In some porn, there are those ladies who erupt like Old Faithful when they orgasm and shoot fluid all over the place. I've seen some who do it over and over, like they are a bottomless pit of exploding orgasms.

Since the porn industry has many tricks up its sleeve, do you think this is a real deal? Or are they pumping these women up with a garden hose just before the shot, and then letting them go like a pretty pink balloon?

In my own experience, I have witnessed a few different scenarios where squirting has happened. Once was with the woman on top. At some point she brought herself to a gushing orgasm, soaking the bed we were on.

The other two times were from finger stimulation. I asked if she had ever encountered squirting, and after she responded "never," I brought her to a juice-flying orgasm. She was in awe and wanted to know what the hell I did. I told her it's not just one thing; it's the buildup, the smell, visuals and then my trick "come here" gesture with my finger inside.

Have you or anyone you know had this kind of orgasm? And do you think it's possible for anyone to have if they open up to it?


A: Female ejaculation is no myth or mystery. Even the father of all things doctoral, Hippocrates, wrote about women's ability to go with the flow, insisting that it helped with conception. It wasn't until the 18th century that ladies who drench were shooed into the shadows. Apparently, it was quite unladylike to blow a load, so the sheet-soakers had to hide their abilities for a couple of hundred years. Luckily, the 20th century came along and brought with it feminists, the sexual revolution and modern medicine. All have helped us figure out exactly what female ejaculation is, and that most, if not all, women squeeze out at least a little juice when they orgasm.

The consensus seems to be that female ejaculate is created in the paraurethral glands, or Skene's glands, part of that amazing piece of sexual hardware called the urethral sponge. The glands are like little tributaries that empty into the urethral opening, hence the common confusing of female ejaculate with just plain pee. The sponge is also home to the G-spot (though housed in a slightly different location), and when sponge, gland or both are stimulated in a sexy way, chances are you're going to have a sexy spurt.

It could be a couple of drops or it could be a half-pint. Most women don't even realize they've squirted out something other than natural vaginal lubrication, since it's almost impossible to separate and distinguish the two substances if the ejaculate comes out in tiny amounts.

The paraurethral glands are kind of interesting, though, because they can vary widely in size from woman to woman. Ditto the G-spot. This explains why some ladies will have explosively productive G-spot orgasms, while others get their satisfaction the clitoral way. And of course there's a lot of middle ground, which is why our experiences can be all over the sexual spectrum. With the right stimulation, duration and hardware, ejaculation can happen, but understand that not all those factors are present in all women.

Whether or not the big squirters of porn like Cytherea and Alisha Klass get a little extra help is a question I can't answer. But considering both have stated they guzzle gallons of water on shooting days, and hydration is key to big glandular squirts, I'm guessing their pop shots are mostly legit. I suppose if they're running a little low, they can always squirt out a little urine and viewers are none the wiser, but I really don't know. "Fluffer" has yet to make it onto my bucket list and I don't anticipate adding it anytime soon.

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