A 21-year-old gunman who shot at police and his neighbors during an eight-hour standoff in Albert Lea has been charged with three counts of attempted murder and three counts of assault.

Devin Matthew Weiland, of Albert Lea, was eventually captured, taken to a hospital for treatment of a forehead injury and then held at the Freeborn County Adult Detention Center.

He told authorities that he made the initial report of gunfire or fireworks in the neighborhood that first brought the police to his apartment building. He also admitted shooting at the police, firing at a squad car, at another vehicle that he thought was a squad car, at an armored vehicle, and through the door of his apartment into the hallway when he thought police were assembling outside his door. Investigators estimated that some 90 shots were fired in all. He allegedly shot a police officer in the chest; the officer wore a protective vest. A neighbor who was concerned about his car during the shooting was shot through his right bicep. Another neighbor who was driving to work was shot through his car door and needed emergency surgery for an injury to his leg.

Weiland told police he thought police were going to take his guns. Authorities recovered three rifles and a shotgun from his apartment.

Weiland also said he was sorry and asked police to convey that to the three people he shot.