Agent Mark Bartelstein says he has been talking to Wolves boss David Kahn frequently and said the Wolves have the ability to make salary-cap moves and could sign his client David Lee before all the bigger dominoes tumble in this NBA free-agency game.

Bartelstein followed what Lee said himself Saturday night at the airport after his nine-hour visit to Minnesota and called Lee's trip a "great visit."

"They've got some ability to make some moves quickly so they'd have the ability to sign David," Bartelstein said from his Chicago office. "They have a lot of interest. Yes, I've been talking to David (Kahn) quite a bit.

"We're sorting through a bunch of stuff. Hopefully we'll have a decision in the near future."

The Wolves either would have to work a sign-and-trade involving Al Jefferson with New York through a third team -- Knicks won't take Al straight up now that they've agreed to terms with Amare Stoudemire, if they ever would have -- or trade Jefferson's $13 million contract for a non-guaranteed contract such as Dallas' Erick Dampier.

Lee, an unrestricted free agent, met with Chicago and Miami on Friday, then flew to Minneapolis on Saturday and toured Target Center and the city as attended a few innings of the Twins-Tampa Bay game as well.