When Israel pulled out its last troops from Gaza, “thousands of jubilant Palestinians entered the former Jewish enclaves, and some set an abandoned synagogue ablaze”.-BBC 2005. Since then, Gaza has become a Terrorist State, rewarding Israel’s departure with unrelenting savagery.  This past weekend we witnessed another unprovoked, murderous “Palestinian rocket barrage on Beersheba…, following a weekend that saw more than 80 rockets fired into southern Israel from Gaza.”-JP, 8/20/11. 

The “Gaza Spring” - When Israel unilaterally withdrew from Gaza in 2005, they left behind an economic bonanza from which the Gazans would immediately benefit. -“Gaza had 12,000 greenhouses in the Palestinian areas…agriculture accounting for 6 percent to 13 percent of the economy.” International consultants estimated that the greenhouses would inject between $50 to $100 million into the nascent Gaza economy. “J. Wolfensohn, the former World Bank president {and} Middle East envoy, hammered out the deal to buy the greenhouses. He even gave half a million dollars of his own money to the {American Jewish} donor group that spent $14 million for them {and gifted them to the PA in Gaza}.”-T. Cambanis, The Boston Globe, Oct 2005.  But newly independent Palestinians looted dozens of their own greenhouses in several settlements. Palestinian police even joined the looters, “walking off with irrigation hoses, water pumps and plastic sheeting in a blow to fledgling efforts to reconstruct the Gaza Strip.”-AP, 2005.  The greenhouses were destroyed.

The majority of western media today describe the various liberation movements in Middle East Arab nations, almost lovingly, as an “Arab Spring”.  Yet, is this realistic?  Are Arab dictatorships “really” being replaced with western democracies, or just new versions of dictatorships calling themselves democracies?

Egypt has received just over $2 billion annually from US taxpayers since 1979, in lieu of Egypt’s peace treaty with Israel. In addition, this spring President Obama pledged an additional $1 billion in aid to Egypt and forgave roughly $1billion in debt owed the US. Yet, just this past Thursday 8/18/11, a “sophisticated, deadly, multi-pronged, combined arms assault against Israel took place along its border with Egypt” {originating from Egyptian territory and due to the complex coordination of these attacks into Israel from Sinai, there is the lingering question of Egyptian acquiescence or even support to the terrorists.} Almost immediately after the attacks took place, Egyptian military authorities denied the attackers entered Israel from Sinai.- C. Glick Aug.,2011. These denials call into question the Egyptian military government’s commitment to policing the Israeli border.

Between those who predicted a flowering liberal democracy in a post-Mubarak Egypt and those who predicted the empowerment of radical, Muslim Brotherhood aligned forces in a post-Mubarak Egypt, it is clear today that the latter were correct. Moreover, we see that the US's abandonment of its closest ally in the Arab world has all but destroyed the US's reputation as a credible, trustworthy ally throughout the region. -C. Glick 2011. Though the new Obama initiative may appear to support balanced diplomacy, it directly fosters distrust of America.

President Obama’s Middle East policy currently showers untested “Arab Spring” regimes like Egypt with magnanimous aid. This accompanies an estrangement policy by which Americas tested allies are routinely rebuffed, confronted and handicapped by abrupt US policy changes.   President Obama’s broad scale rebuff of past US-Israeli agreements includes:

1. That Israel has to concede its right to defensible borders as a precondition for negotiations. 

2. That there is to be No stated opposition to the Palestinian demand for open immigration of millions of foreign Arabs into Israel.

3. Nullifying, immediately, President Bush's 2004 letter to Israeli PM Sharon opposing a return to the 1949 armistice lines, supporting the large existing Israeli settlements, defensible borders for Israel , and opposing mass Arab immigration into Israel. 

4. The “entire” ancient city of Jerusalem is awarded to the Jerusalem Arabs, by calling for an Israeli retreat to the 1949 lines.  

5. Calling for Israel to be cut in two when he called for the Palestinians state to be contiguous. 

6. Calling for Israel to withdraw from the Jordan Valley – effectively forming an indefensible border for Arab invasion of Israel - by stating that the new Palestinian State will have an international border with Jordan.