A police officer awaiting sentencing in Carver County on a burglary conviction has resigned, the city of Minnetonka reported.

Daniel Saba, who has a history of addiction to pain medications, is also being investigated on other burglary charges in Carver County.

Saba, 37, had been on administrative leave for months from the Minnetonka Police Department since his arrest for a burglary in Chanhassen.

Minnetonka City Attorney Desyl Peterson said Saba resigned effective Tuesday. Peterson said in an e-mail that a city investigation of Saba, a decorated officer, has been terminated now that he has resigned.

Saba became addicted to pain medications years ago. He has admitted to breaking in to at least 10 homes last year while strung out on Vicodin, looking for drugs. Many of those burglaries, he said, involved breaking into homes that he'd responded to earlier while on duty.