Thermoworks Thermapen MK4 $99

A thermometer fit for every kitchen

Kitchen gadgets are now benefiting from technology to the point where smartphones and apps are helping us cook.

Lots of us have kitchen cabinets full of stuff we barely use. Do your friends and relatives a favor this holiday season with gifts that will definitely get a workout.

How about a thermometer? Every kitchen needs one, and the Thermapen MK4 from Thermoworks is the absolute best.

Extend the probe to turn it on, stick it in whatever you want to monitor, and you will get a deadly accurate temperature reading in 2 to 3 seconds. The digital display rotates so that it’s always readable.

Meater Block $269

A temperature probe to keep an eye on meat

If you need to monitor the temperature over time, the Meater Block is a great option. It has four wireless temperature probes that you stick in the meat. The probes use Wi-Fi to connect to an app on your phone to let you remotely monitor the temperature of all four probes at once. It is perfect for the oven or grill.

Hestan Cue Smart Cooking System $499.95

A cooking system for the serious cook

The Hestan Cue is a portable cooking system that includes an induction burner and your choice of a frying pan or chef’s pot (or both). The cookware is Bluetooth-enabled and talks to a smartphone app that also controls the burner. You can cook in manual mode with exact temperature control, or try a recipe from the app.

This is for serious cooks who want total and instant temperature control over their cookware. The cost is for both the frying pan and burner.

Culinary E2 $49.95

Knife sharpener from amateur to serious cook

The Work Sharp Culinary E2 is an electric knife sharpener with one speed and one set angle guide. There are sharpeners with more speed and grinding angles, but for home use, the E2 should be all the sharpener you need. It uses flexible abrasives that are gentle on your knives.

Even those who get takeout the majority of the time need sharp knives, so this is truly for everyone.